Distribution of seeds, providing support to our clients in their development, helping them with their growth and continued market presence, providing the producers with technical advice, always committed to serve.


We want to become the industry leader in the distribution of seeds to the agricultural producers in Central and South America, developing strategies that help the growth of our clients.


  • Honesty: Our actions are based on the principles of truth, justice and moral integrity, showing coherence in the fulfillment of our work.
  • Responsibility: We achieve the organizational goals proposed in the pursuit of the objectives set forth towards the overall improvement of society.
  • Sense of Belonging:We take upon ourselves with conviction the interests, values and principles of the company to defend and promote them with our actions.
  • Loyalty: We stand firm by our ideas, maintaining loyalty to our company and to our clients.
  • Respect: We recognize each individual according to their right to be unique, implicitly establishing with our actions the guidelines that will permit us to maintain harmony both inside and outside our company.